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Events & Talks

Although I focus on bringing History to life for children, I am also quite happy to open the world of history up to adults. 
If you are looking for somebody to be at your event in Cambridgeshire in historical clothing please contact me. 

I can also hold talks to interested groups on various aspects of life in the past. Please contact with any specific topics you might like covering.

I have held talks at the Regia Anglorum conferences in 2014 and 2016 on different aspects of clothing during the Viking Age.




1h talk: £50 plus travel

Event (museum etc.):  Prices will vary depending on what you want and and for how long. Please contact me to discuss your needs and to get a quote. Thank you.

I can also do photos in historic costume, like this one for the book logo of the "Hammer and the Mist" series by Clare Power (https://www.facebook.com/ClarePwerAuthor/?fref=ts)

Please also see my page "Luta's Linen Chest" where I make clothing for re-enactors and museums or anybody who wants a set of historical clothing. I can make clothing for Romans, Romano-British, Saxons, Vikings and Normans.


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Luta's Linen Chest

The Viking Age Compendium

Regia Anglorum & Vicus

For larger events contact
Regia Anglorum (Viking / Saxon / Norman)
The Vicus (Roman)