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Pre-School Visits


Pre-school sessions with "A Day in the Past" are 1 or 2 hours long and generally run from between 10am-12pm to fit in with your setting’s routine and budget. For the sessions I will come to your setting with my equipment and dressed in period clothing. I currently drive a van, so please inform me if there would be any issues with access or parking.

What I offer fits in with the EYFS curriculum, particularly “exploring the world”, but also touches on physical development, literacy (Viking Runes) and numeracy (Roman Numerals).

The 2 hour session includes the craft materials, there are different crafts you can choose from. Other activities are group activities which will be lead by me, but help from the staff will be needed and appreciated.
If the time runs over the children's usual snack time, I can make suggestions for period food you could offer (alongside their usual food), I can show them some wooden / pottery bowls and I can tell the children about the food of the time while they eat. Some activities are limited by space or the availability of resources. I will endeavour to expand the list of available activities in the future and to invest in more equipment and resources.



For up to 20 children

1 hour: £60
2 hours: £80


Examples of crafts:

- Making shields (Roman/ Viking)

- Making Roman mosaics

- Making a Viking helmet

- Colouring-in pages


Examples of activities:

- Quadriga races

- Grinding corn on the quern

- Blowing a Viking horn

- Throwing javelins (foam)

- Face painting



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Luta's Linen Chest

The Viking Age Compendium

Regia Anglorum & Vicus

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