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Past Posts

Woad Facepainting (Feb 2017)

I've been practising doing some woad (blue snazaroo) face painting for our sessions on the Romano-British people. Whether the "Celts" were painted blue is debated, but it is good fun and an interactive way for children to connect to people in the past. These two are being a celtic butterfly and tiger!



New Roman Items! (Oct 2016)

Here are some new Roman Items I have to show the children!



We have 3 new wax tablets and styli for a bit of authentic writing and drawing. A papyrus scroll and vinodlanda tablets to look at other materials used for writing. A lovely little bowl, a small replica of the "Cave Canem" ("Beware of the dog") mosaic from Pompeii, and a small painted cast of the Marcus Caelius stone, which will help demonstrate how Romans used the same alphabet as us today, it also makes a nice little puzzle.


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