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My name is Louise Archer and I have been a keen re-enactor for the last 14 years.  Since the brith of my two children they have also been part of our re-enactments, and it opens up a very different world to children, skills and activities that are very different to their daily lives. 

After seeing how much my children, but also those who come to watch re-enactment events,  enjoy experiencing history, I decided to start this business of bring history to pre-school children. There are already people and companies that offer these sessions for Key Stage 1 children at Primary School, where Stone Age, Romans and Vikings/Saxons are part of the history curriculum. And although I offer visits to schools as well, I decided that pre-school children would also benefit from a fun, entertaining and hands-on opportunity to discover history.

My educational background is in Biological Anthropology where I got and MSc in Human Osteology. Since then my research interest as shifted to everyday life and clothing in the Viking Age, and my husband and I have a wiki site for our research (see link below). For the last 3 years I have volunteered as the Secretary on our pre-school committee, where I was part of the committee that won the National "Volunteer Team of the Year" 2016 award from the Pre-School Learning Alliance. Now that both my childen are at Primary school I have joined the school PTA. Within our re-encatment society I am a deputy to the Authenticity Officer and a member of the Equestrian council. 

The times of the sessions I offer are based around me still being able to do the school run for my own children and for the same reason I can only cover and area of 1h drive maximum from CB24 4SN (Cambridgeshire). But I can be flexible, so please contact me if you need me to cover any other times or locations



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