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The sessions on the Romans will look at both the Romans as well as the Romano-British people living here, and I can come dressed in clothing for either.

The pre-school sessions will look at Roman artefacts, learn what we have the Romans didn't, learn to march like the legionnaires, do the daily chore of grinding grain on a stone quern, have a go at quadriga racing and do some Roman inspired crafts.

For KS2 children we will look a bit more closely at the Roman Invasion of Britain, the difference in military equipment and training. There will be the opportunity to play one of the Roman's favourite games Ternis Lapilli (Three Men's Morris), look at and handle replicas of items of everyday life and the military. And to stretch the legs after all that learning there will be some marching and some quadriga racing.

Some of the Roman items I can bring:

- Roman military equipment
- Roman pottery, amphora
- "poo-stick"
- wax tablets & papyrus scroll
- Toiletry set
- Jewellery
- Stone quern








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