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The Viking Age was one of upheaval and religious differences in Britain. This will be covered more in depth for the KS2 visits, but only touched upon for the pre-schools. 
The pre-school children will discover different items from the Viking age, look at how and which animals were important, find out who is the strongest Viking, try on a Viking helmet, do some Viking themed crafts and other fun and hands on activities. I can also do some Viking themed face painting.


The Key Stage 2 children will look at life during the Viking age more closely, learn about the differences between the pagan Vikings and Christian Saxons, the military equipment used in the battles of the time. We can concentrate on different aspects of the time, such as military and battles, everyday life, food etc. 


Some of the Viking artifacts I can bring:

- Viking antler comb
- Drop spindle and textile working tools
- Viking/Saxon military equipment
- Jewellery
- Pottery
- Hunting & Horse equipment






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