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Luta's Linen Chest

Luta's Linen Chest


"Luta's Linen Chest" is the part of my business that makes clothing for re-enactors, or anybody else in need of historical clothing. I cover Roman, Romano-British, Saxon, Viking and Norman.
I make my clothing as authentically as possible based on current research, and choose cloth and colours carefully with period dyes and weaves in mind, though often constrained by what is commercially available and affordable.
The clothes I make are machine sewn, but all facings and hems are finished by hand. 
I am also happy to make kit for displays in museums, please contact me to discuss what you have in mind.

I also have other items for sale, like bowls, spoons and some jewellery.

Please visit my facebook page to see clothing I have made in the past, and also what is currently for sale.

Or visit my etsy page 



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Luta's Linen Chest

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