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Key Stage 1 Visits

The Key Stage 1 visits I offer are 3 hours long (10am - 2pm). The first or last hour can be done as one large group where I will talk to the children about the time period and I also have a power point based quiz for them. For the other two hours I would suggest splitting the class into smaller groups, so I can answer all their questions, show them and let them handle the artefacts, and also do the more physical activities, which are easier in smaller groups. I can provide you with worksheets (Old English/ runes/ roman numerals etc.), craft and cooking ideas to keep the other groups busy and entertained. At the moment my visits are best suited to smaller numbers of students, but I am planning on expanding the range of activities and my resources going forward.

I am, however, flexible and happy to fit around a teachers plans. So please contact me for further information or to approach me with your ideas. 



Up to 30 children: £100
Up to 60 children: £130
Up to 90 children: £160




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Luta's Linen Chest

The Viking Age Compendium

Regia Anglorum & Vicus

For larger events contact
Regia Anglorum (Viking / Saxon / Norman)
The Vicus (Roman)